Bern, capitol of Bernese Oberland27 Apr 2015

Bern, capitol of Bernese Oberland

Another road trip took us to Bern, the capitol city of Bernese Oberland (Bernese Highlands), and also capitol of Switzerland. The old town is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. We didn’t walk much time because of the bad weather. We walked around the main streets of the old town and the cathedral, the Parliament square and Einstein’s house. But we wished we could have more time to know the city better.

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Excursion to Siena16 Mar 2015

Excursion to Siena

Siena is the second mandatory excursion you should make if you go to Florence. This city was declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1995 and it’s 75 km South from Florence. If the weather is good we suggest you to go even further in order to visit San Gimignano (Middle Age’s Manhattan) and Monteriggioni (a little and nice walled village). The trace of the Middle Age will be present all the day during this

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