Tourism in Florence26 Feb 2015

Tourism in Florence

In this post we’ll write about some matters of general interest for every visitor in Florence that can be helpful to save some money and make better use of your time. The Firenze Card is a single ticket which you can visit almost every touristic building, monuments and museums with. You’ll also be given a map of the buses in the touristic center and a map of the public toilets that you can find in

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Tourism in Ireland. Useful information8 Oct 2013

Tourism in Ireland. Useful information

While we were preparing our route and as we were traveling around Ireland, we collected a lot of information about what to do, which places you should visit, the prices of the tickets, how to go from one place to another, which roads are there… In this post we’ll give you some tips about things that helped us before and during the trip, and some other things we already know that can be useful for

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