Hay Lake Lodge, cabins in Algonquin, Canada5 Feb 2016

Hay Lake Lodge, cabins in Algonquin, Canada

After leaving Niagara, our next stage in our Canadian route took us to Algonquin Provincial Park, in Ontario Province too, where we stayed in the cabins by Hay Lake, more specifically in Hay Lake Lodge & Cottages. While we were planning our route we decided from the first moment that we should enjoy the Canadian environment, because visiting the cities wouldn’t be enough to know a country where almost all the population concentrates on the

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Journey to Niagara Falls5 Feb 2016

Journey to Niagara Falls

If you are in East Canada, going to Niagara Falls is almost required. Since we planned the trip we decided that this unique place had to be present in our route, so after two days in Toronto we headed Niagara Falls (Canadian side). To be truthful, around both sides (Canadian and American) of Niagara Falls there is some kind of “mini” Las Vegas, and it’s said that’s even more excessive on the American side. In

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Ibiza Sunsets31 Dec 2013

Ibiza Sunsets

One of our favourite activities in Ibiza, apart from enjoying the beaches and coves, is watching the sunsets. We try to do it everyday and every time we visit the island. If, besides the sunset, you have a cocktail between your hands, background chill-out music and the “best” company, the moment becomes really idyllic. It’s only broken from time to time by some screaming children near you, ringing smartphones or little groups of people who

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