15 Jul 2014

Porto da Cruz

We were in Porto da Cruz a couple of times during our stay in Madeira. It has a beautiful route around a little hill which surrounds the sea, and also two natural beaches and a little sea water pool (not as big as Porto Moniz, but much more peaceful). If you walk in the village you’ll find some points of interest, like a sugar factory that’s been working since 1926, the winery of “vinho seco

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Restaurants in Madeira3 Jul 2014

Restaurants in Madeira

In Madeira, we could enjoy the rich cookery of the island, too. You can eat really, really well at a very good price, and the local products (meat, fish and fruits) have a great quality. The restaurants here are very surprising for many reasons: the quality of the food, the kindness of the waiters and the excellent price-quality relation. It's very easy to find a restaurant where you can order a menu with two dishes

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