Ibiza Hippy Markets30 Dec 2013

Ibiza Hippy Markets

Without any doubt, go shopping in Ibiza hippy markets is one of the essential activities in the island. Everyday at some point and almost every hour there is a hippy market waiting for you. These markets are known as Hippy Markets, because of its origins in the 70’s, where the hippies tried to earn their livelihood selling their handicraft to tourists and visitors. There are smalls hippy markets with just a few stands of worldwide

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21 Dec 2013

Ibiza Travel Guide

Ibiza isn’t just sun and beach, or discotheques, or sunsets or white villages. Ibiza is an island for everyone’s tastes and full of activities, where 7 days are too little and, in short, it’s a place well worth returning to discover it over and over.

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