Interlaken, the city of lakes4 May 2015

Interlaken, the city of lakes

During our travel in Switzerland we stayed in a cabin in the outskirts of Interlaken. We chose this city as our particular basecamp for our excursions, because it’s moreless in the middle of the places we wanted to visit. The access by road to every route is always very good, and there’s also one of the main train stations of the country.

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Palazzo Pitti10 Mar 2015

Palazzo Pitti

There is an enormous complex formed by Palazzo Pitti and Santo Spirito Basilica, south to Arno River. The palace is huge and you’ll need a full day if you want to see it all with no rush. The basilica didn’t have the same art wealth as other churches in Florence, but it’s an enjoyable visit in case you find it during the tour.

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