Ibiza Sunsets31 Dec 2013

Ibiza Sunsets

One of our favourite activities in Ibiza, apart from enjoying the beaches and coves, is watching the sunsets. We try to do it everyday and every time we visit the island. If, besides the sunset, you have a cocktail between your hands, background chill-out music and the “best” company, the moment becomes really idyllic. It’s only broken from time to time by some screaming children near you, ringing smartphones or little groups of people who

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Ibiza Hippy Markets30 Dec 2013

Ibiza Hippy Markets

Without any doubt, go shopping in Ibiza hippy markets is one of the essential activities in the island. Everyday at some point and almost every hour there is a hippy market waiting for you. These markets are known as Hippy Markets, because of its origins in the 70’s, where the hippies tried to earn their livelihood selling their handicraft to tourists and visitors. There are smalls hippy markets with just a few stands of worldwide

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Kumharas Ibiza Sunset Chill-out29 Dec 2013

Kumharas Ibiza Sunset Chill-out

Kumharas is a pub we discovered by chance in our first trip to Ibiza. It’s one of the points from where you can see the sunset as its best, and everyday many people willing to relax watching the sun hiding below the horizon gather here at that moment. It’s on the opposite end to Café del Mar in Sant Antoni de Portmany Bay. Luckily it’s less known, less crowded and a bit more hippy.

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Villa Mercedes Ibiza Chill-out28 Dec 2013

Villa Mercedes Ibiza Chill-out

Besides its beaches and markets, Ibiza is also known for its chill-outs (with or without sunsets) and stylish bars. It’s the case of Villa Mercedes, a mix between restaurant, chill-out and cocktail bar, at San Antonio Bay. It’s located in the middle of San Antonio marina, on the seafront, and it has sights all over the bay, although watching the sunset from here is not as breath-taking as expected. This is a “villa” surrounded by

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Cala Salada - Ibiza27 Dec 2013

Cala Salada – Ibiza

Cala Salada is another cove we stayed in during our week in Ibiza. It’s located North West of the island, a few kilometers from San Antonio. It’s a small sand cove. Like any other in the island (seriously: any other) it has its own restaurant, a large parking area, a deck chairs and umbrellas renting area… And here was one of the few times we saw a watchtower and a life guard. It has some

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Comte Beaches26 Dec 2013

Comte Beaches

Playas de Comte (Comte Beaches) is a group of sand coves separated by low cliffs on the East Coast of Ibiza, below San Antonio, and between Casa Bassa and Cala Tarida. You can reach it by a dirt road above the cliffs. From that point you can access by foot to different docking areas between the rocks and the sand coves. We stayed at the first we found. There weren’t many people and the sights

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Ibiza beaches from Es Bol Nou to Cala Jondal25 Dec 2013

Ibiza beaches from Es Bol Nou to Cala Jondal

We went another day looking for coves and beaches where we could “toast” our bodies under the sun of Ibiza. This time we visited the South of the island, near the airport and Ses Salines natural park, which covers the maritime area between Ibiza and Formentera. We visited Es Bou Nou (also called Sa Caleta) and Cala Jondal, where we stayed for a few hours.

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Ibiza beaches from Cala Tarida to Cala Vedella24 Dec 2013

Ibiza beaches from Cala Tarida to Cala Vedella

We spent the second day visiting some coves and beaches in the Southwest of Ibiza: Cala Tarida, Cala Es Molí and Cala Vedella. They were much closer to the hotel and San Antonio. Normally when we look for a beach to have a good time our goal is to find one with a good entrance for the car, and where it’s easy to go inside and outside the water. It’s also important that you can

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22 Dec 2013

All Ibiza beaches and coves

Ibiza coast is about 210 km long and it has 56 “known” beaches, which occupy almost 18 km, and without taking into account many little coves and areas only reachable by ship. Considering that offer, it’s hard to choose a single beach or cove where to spend a few hours enjoying the sea and the sun.

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