Carcassonne – Route by car #24 Mar 2014

Carcassonne – Route by car #2

It’s an excursion of 140 km of distance that we made in a single day, and we visited 4 landmarks of the Catharist country. However you can modify the itinerary if you want to see some other points of interest like Limoux, because you won’t walk many more kilometres anyway. We left Carcassonne by the R6113 road and we headed to Lagrasse (our first stage). Shortly after that we took the D111 road, and then

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Carcassonne – The Citadel11 Feb 2014

Carcassonne – The Citadel

Carcassonne is the capitol city of Aude Department in France. We had read that you have enough time in a single day to visit La Cité, but I have to say that that’s not true. It’s really worthy to walk slowly in this medieval jewel, in order to admire how well maintained and clean it is, and the unexpected places that you’ll find. We spent a long time every day inside La Cité, besides the

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Route Barcelona - Carcassonne9 Feb 2014

Route Barcelona – Carcassonne

In order to make better use of the time we decided to arrive to Carcassonne from Barcelona without driving any main road, so we could make some of the planned visits. When we arrived to France and after going for a while to Perpignan, we turned to Trouillas, Thuir, Estagel and Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet. To visit Les Gorges de Galamus (our first target) from Saint-Paul-de-Fenouillet you must take the D7 road, which goes to Bugarach.

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