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Blausee, the blue lake

The Blausee Lake (near Kandersted) is one of the most visited mountain lakes in Switzerland, because of the intense blue color of the underground water. Most of the rivers and lakes in Switzerland have green or grey coloured water, because it comes from the ice melting of the glaciers and it’s very mixed with the sediments.

The legend says that this is a place where a beautiful broken hearted maiden with blue eyes died, and since then the water of the lake turned to that colour, in remembrance of the eternal love of that beautiful woman.

Blausee Natural Park is a place where you can spend the day surrounded by the nature. There is a playground inside, and several paths and a fish farm of trouts, as well. The price of the ticket includes the access for all of these places and a boat ride in the lake. There are also some picnic and barbecue areas.

It doesn’t cover a very large extension. In fact the lake is pretty small (the boat ride doesn’t have much sense, it must be said), but it lets you enjoy the nature for a couple of hours without having to take any trains or to carry special equipment.

Besides, at the facilities you can see an exhibition about the history of the lake, and you’ll find a restaurant and a hotel. Several events are arranged during the entire year, so many days you can find the park closed to the public. I recommend you to check the opening days in the website of the park.


Tickets: 7 CHF
– Summer: from 9 h.
– Winter: from 10h
Address: between Frutigen and Kandersteg
GPS coordinates: 46.533757, 7.664282
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